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Why is the LED power supply constant?

2017-07-06 16:03:24

Why is the LED power supply constant?

No reason, others are doing so, we naturally should do so;
LED need constant current drive Well, constant current power LED on the constant current, save the LED driver IC, the cost of low Well, naturally good friends;

Are generally so that Moreover, the power supply manufacturers are so pushed to the lighting manufacturers, technically speaking, authoritative, three tiger is also reasonable, at least not behind closed doors, we all do so, it is natural, and we But also do so at least not behind others, in fact, constant current power = LED constant current drive is only suitable for single LED special circumstances, but people like the model and zoom it into a multi-parallel LED and expand power, virtually steal For the LED constant current concept, although in the steady state can light LED, but the local LED is not constant current, but we imagine it as a constant flow only, in fact constant current power supply is also an important parallel to the LED killer, local LED branch open circuit, the remaining LED current will increase and damage, that is, avalanche effect, electronic hardware design is to avoid this situation, so non-linear devices can not be used in parallel, such as emergency treatment, at least do Flow treatment.


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