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The development and use of LED lights

2017-08-25 10:40:46

Now the introduction of LED lights, product appearance, LED light emitting particles arranged in the way and the number of rectifier circuit scale and internal planning a variety of. Such as: single tube power varies in size, 1-5W range; light distribution of different conditions, there are bat-shaped, rectangular, butterfly airfoil; optical treatment with built-in lens-free secondary processing and secondary optical processing The driver status of a dedicated driver IC and electrolytic capacitors; package status of multi-chip package and single-chip package; skills line status of a model, group-type high-power, integrated chip high-power, dot matrix high power.

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Power supply devices also have their own integration and external power supply two, cooling skills are also different, which are given to the operation after the operation and protection operations bring great inconvenience, nor meet the municipal public facilities standardization, general planning guidelines.

Optical planning, heat is the primary technical problems facing LED lights. Although the development of high-power LED street lamp development speed is very fast, but in the use of varying degrees there is a low level of low flow, the second level of light treatment is low, the system light efficiency is low, light fast, short life, color temperature Error, light color is different, the drive more than a series of problems such as failure. During which the secondary optical planning, thermal planning and power regulator system planning and other primary skills issues, is the forward luminous efficiency and the number of extension of the key. LED radiation is now Lambertian type, side shot type, bat airfoil, rectangular, butterfly wing and condenser type several. Through the secondary optical planning, making the LED lighting planning, photometric curve fit the needs of road lighting.

China's LED road lighting shopping malls mainly by the government demonstration project acquisition, the policy is highly dependent. In addition to the LED street lights their own functions and the cost of equipment on the impact of its shopping, the perfect shopping environment and sophisticated business development has become a shopping mall can adhere to the key to healthy development.

With the continuous sophistication of skills, LED lights have become increasingly prominent energy-saving effect, especially LED intelligent control features not only strengthen the advantages of LED street lamp products, greatly enhance the road lighting system energy-saving space. Thus, at the time of the large-scale energy-saving emission reduction, the local government widely implemented LED street lamp products.

Benefit from the government key project acquisition, LED street lamp construction continues to plan and other good elements, LED street lighting series index recently continued to rise in the situation, greatly affected the LED street lighting shopping malls.

LED streetlight development potential of the largest

In recent years, China's LED street lamp store penetration rate (the number of devices) in the continuous improvement in 2011, more than 7% in 2012 to 11%, 2013 LED street lamp store penetration rate of about 19%. According to the beginning of the calculation, by 2015 China's LED street shopping mall planning about 23 billion yuan; China's LED road lighting products throughout the mall penetration rate will exceed 45%, shopping space is huge.


In the "eighteen", due to the promotion of new urbanization, urban lighting project in the national planning to blossom everywhere. And the field of lighting is also gradually from the functional characters to the decorative character transformation. Outdoor lighting is not only the effect of lighting, but also played a landscaping effect on the city landscape.

In the field of lighting, the development potential of the largest street. According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Development and Industrial Alliance Production Research Department, in 2012, China's LED lights in the amount of about 500 million, an increase of 44.09% over the previous year, accounting for 14% of the total consumption of street lamps. 2013, LED street lamp penetration rate of domestic shopping malls is to reach more than 15%, China's LED lighting to implement the use of the most representative of the lamps.

Industry experts show that by 2015, LED lights will remain about 50% annual compound rate of increase, and by 2015, LED lighting in the road lighting category (mainly for street lamps and tunnel lights) will reach 46% of the overall penetration rate, The next two years will add more than 30 million LED lights and authentic lights. These are expected to give LED lights to bring greater development potential.

LED street lamp category appears the following characteristics:

1, LED lights all the environment tends to be stable, but due to the government general, anti-corruption and many other objective factors, this year, LED lights to promote the speed was significantly lower than expected, slowed down, there are more porridge situation, reason.

2, this year's LED lights regardless of the road in all aspects of illumination, uniformity and glare control have made great progress, but because of the tightening of shopping malls and LED street lamp manufacturers base huge investment in shopping malls, LED lights orders are more concentrated in the larger planning enterprise. The future of LED street lamp manufacturers in addition to fight the quality is to fight the price, to seek new economic growth point is also the public LED lights manufacturers policy.

3, LED street lamp structure planning changes, light source modularization into a new trend in the future. Previous all-in-one and modular planning Once the lamp problems have to replace the whole lamp, but after the modularization of the light source only replace the electronic control part, although the point of view from a single lamp did not save costs, but a long time to see the cost Lower.

4, intelligent control system in the use of LED lights gradually increased. Many domestic and foreign street lamps enterprises began to focus on the development of intelligent LED lights produced, such as Philips, GE and other international giants, ground on the photoelectric, micro-optoelectronics, Yang and other domestic rising star. Intelligent LED lights can be in the original energy-saving LED energy and energy saving 10% -20%, but the lack of intelligent LED street lamp system, the failure rate than doubled, the control system may be worse than the lights faster.


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