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    _Wide Input Voltage 10 to 30VDC _Over Voltage / Short Circuit / Over Temperature Protection _High Efficiency (up to 94%) _Dimming function Optional ( 0~10V /PWM/ Timer ) _IP67 Waterproof Rating, Fully isolated _Comply to worldwide safety regulations for lighting _Cooling by free air convection Suitable for LED lighting & moving sign applications, for dry / damp / wet locations

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    Must see: LED drive power knowledge

    Cooling, drive power, light source is to do a few LED lighting products, the most critical part. Although the heat is particularly important, the cooling effect directly affects the quality of life of the lighting products, but the light source is the core of the entire product, driving the power supply itself life and output current, voltage stability of the product's overall life quality also has a great impact.

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    What is the LED driver power supply

    LED drive power to convert the power supply to a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light-emitting voltage converter, usually: LED drive power input, including high-voltage power frequency AC (ie electricity), low voltage DC, high voltage DC, low voltage Exchange (such as the output of electronic transformers) and so on. While the LED drive power output is mostly with the LED forward voltage drop to change the voltage constant current source. LED power supply core components include switch controller, inductor, switch components (MOSfet), feedback resistor, input filter, output filter and so on. According to different occasions, but also have input overvoltage protection circuit, input undervoltage protection circuit, LED open circuit protection, overcurrent protection and other circuits.

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    LED drive power how to classify

    First, LED power by drive can be divided into two categories:

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    LED drive power RMS value measurement and analysis

    As we all know, LED lighting products, good quality depends on two aspects: one is the LED chip chip light source; the other is the LED drive power. Currently able to provide high-quality qualified LED chip is still several major international companies such as PHILIP, OSRAM and CREE and a few manufacturers, in general, there are few major LED chip quality problems, and now the market quality of poor LED lighting products Part of the drive power supply. In view of the importance of LED drive power, this paper focuses on LED drive power measurement and measurement of some of the common technical notes.

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    LED heat dissipation calculation

    High power LED cooling problem: LED is a photovoltaic device, its work process only 15% to 25% of the energy into light energy, the rest of the energy is almost converted into heat, so that the LED temperature. In high-power LED, heat is a big problem. For example, a 10W white LED if the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 20%, then there are 8W of electrical energy into heat, if not cooling measures, the high power LED core temperature will rise rapidly, when the junction temperature (TJ) When the maximum temperature exceeds the maximum allowable temperature (typically 150 ° C), the high power LED will be damaged by overheating. Therefore, high-power LED lighting design, the most important design work is the thermal design.

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    What are the differences between torque terminals and traditional ones?

    Than the traditional products to operate convenient, fast, time-saving, safe, do not need crimping tools, just ordinary socket wrench, the torque bolt can be twisted off, copper and aluminum for 35Kv and below the voltage level Copper conductor, aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, including copper and aluminum transition docking.

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    The development and use of LED lights

    Now the introduction of LED lights, product appearance, LED light emitting particles arranged in the way and the number of rectifier circuit scale and internal planning a variety of. Such as: single tube power varies in size, 1-5W range; light distribution of different conditions, there are bat-shaped, rectangular, butterfly airfoil; optical treatment with built-in lens-free secondary processing and secondary optical processing The driver status of a dedicated driver IC and electrolytic capacitors; package status of multi-chip package and single-chip package; skills line status of a model, group-type high-power, integrated chip high-power, dot matrix high power.

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    LED filament light how to choose the drive power?

    LED is a highly efficient light-emitting diode device, it must work in the DC constant current environment in order to continue to send a bright light, light the world. And drive the power of the pros and cons will directly affect its luminous brightness and light quality. How to use a good LED filament drive power is the key to the manufacture of cost-effective LED filament light.

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    LED drive power classification you know how much?

    First, let's talk about what is the LED driver power supply. It can convert the power supply to a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to light the voltage converter.

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    Intelligent LED constant current drive sourc

    Recently, artificial intelligence has been uproar, especially the robot is blowing was marvelous, as if to immediately replace the human, and even in the future to control and manipulate human beings, the final world into a robot world.

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    Led Driver

    LED driver (LED Driver), refers to the driver LED light or LED module components of the normal work of power adjustment electronic devices.

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    LED drive power above the use of insulating paint, or three anti-paint, that effect is good, as well as how much the price?

    It is recommended that the landlord use the three anti-paint effect to be better, it not only has excellent dust, moisture, corrosion resistance, but also can play the effect of insulation, can reach 8300volts / mil insulation strength.

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    Why is the LED power supply constant?

    No reason, others are doing so, we naturally should do so; LED need constant current drive Well, constant current power LED on the constant current, save the LED driver IC, the cost of low Well, naturally good friends;

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    Introduction to the eight types of power management ICs

    In daily life, people rely more and more serious dependence on electronic equipment, electronic technology upgrading, but also means that people have high hopes for the development of power technology, the following to introduce the main classification of power management technology.

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