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LPL100C/100W/Low Cost/Constant current output

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LPL100C/100W/Low Cost/Constant current output

-3 year warranty
-Universal input voltage range: 90~264Vac
-Constant current output mode
-Waterproof rating IP67
-Built-in active power factor correction
-Class II power, no FG
-Short circuit, over voltage, over current, and over temperature protections
-No flickering

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LED Driver Type

Constant  current

Maximum Wattage


Input Voltage

90 ~ 264 VAC

Input Frequency

47 ~ 63 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion



3 year limited warranty

Inrush Current

50A at 230VAC cold start +25℃


>500kHrs to MIL-HDBK-217 at 25℃


Short circuit/over voltage/over current/over temperature protection

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